jilla as-1-1

Emily looking fantastic in the matching wine set, the Solid Balance Leggings and Om Yoga Bra 

jilla as-1-2

Kelly catching some sun in the Born to be Wild Legging 

jilla as-1-3

Esther stretching it out in the Miles Away Cardio Top

jilla as-2-1

Aerial looking effortless in the Space Dye Impact Sports Bra

jilla as-2-2

Alyona in the Born to be Wild Legging and Impact Sports Bra

jilla as-2-3

Jennifer looking as beautiful as always in the Wanderlust Zip Jacket

jilla as-3-1

Demelza looking so elegant in the Om Yoga Bra 

jilla as-3-2

Louise and Andrea in the beautiful Canadian mountains

jilla as-3-3

Francesca warming up in the Space Dye Impact Bra

jilla as-4-1

Jenna keeping it cool in the Fit Zip Marl Hoody

jilla as-4-2

Jennifer in a deep forward bend wearing the OM Yoga Bra

jilla as-4-3

Benny working out in the park wearing the Space Dye Impact Sports Bra

jilla as-5-1

Hillary layering up in the Wanderlust Zip Jacket and Marl Fit Waistband Leggings 

jilla as-5-2

Krishna stretching in the beautifully soft Balance Bamboo Tank and Solid Balance Leggings

jilla as-5-3

Christina from Stronger Every Damn Day 

in the Free As Can Be Bamboo Top and Born To Wild Legging 

and Sandra from Fit Life Mode in Balance Bamboo Tank and Solid Balance Leggings